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Open Call for Valentines Stories

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Hi everybody. 

It's open call for Valentine's Short Stories again and this time I mean OPEN!

This year we're opening the stories not only to current AwesomeDude Authors but to anyone who wants to have their story read on AwesomeDude.

The only caveat is that all stories must confirm to the submission guidelines posted on the AD story site.

If you're a budding author who'd like to get your story seen here, just send it along to submissions@awesomedude.com no later than February 7th.  Please submit in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format as we'll be short of time to do conversions from other formats.

So welcome one and all.  The earlier you get your story in, the better.




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Yes! Which is to say I'll have a go. Not that I'm 100% convinced I'll succeed. After all, I haven't met Ceed. Yet. :w00t:

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I too will bring it for Valentine's Day.  Wasn't even thinking about doing such, but Mike prodded, and when he prods, I yelp and perform.  Sort of like a trained dog seal.  

Sigh.  There's absolutely no chance of it, but I wish I could match or outdo Camy's wit.  I guess I need to be looking for guy named Tier.


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