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Helping a Friend, by Colin Kelly

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When I come up for reincarnation, if I get a choice I'm going to ask for Walnut Creek, CA.  I think I'd really enjoy it's lovely scenery, amenities,  and gay-friendly atmosphere, even if I come back as a bug next time around.  If I can afford it, that is.  Jeesh!  You guys pay more for a pound of coffee than I spent on my coffee maker 20 years ago.  Although I quite agree--grinding the whole pound at one time at home only to store it makes no sense.  Other than that, the Mathews parents seem to know what they are doing and I think Chris lucked-out big time.  ( P.S. Colin, I hope the twins will soon be the heroes of a story of their own!)

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Thanks for your comments, James. Walnut Creek is a great place to live. And the high schools and business are gay-friendly. Where Doug and I live the neighbors know we're married and everyone is friendly and we visit with each other.

Chapter 5 will be posted this Wednesday.


No spoilers here!

Colin  :icon_geek:


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