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The Trials and Tribulations of Being 13 by Cole Parker

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Noun: eyedness

The property of favoring one eye over the other (as in taking aim)

(from WordWeb Pro online dictionaries)

Colin  :icon_geek:

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I loved this story, but I wondered, do girls still wait for boys to ask them to a school dance? Perhaps it's different elsewhere, but I was under the impression that here in NYC, it goes both ways now.

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Ah, words. Gotta love 'em!

I was thinking Parkerthon (noun) is a goody - as in reading a lot of Cole Parker stories in one go (been there, done it, big fun). Alas, according to our lord Google, it doesn't exist. However Parkerizing, which sadly doesn't mean 'turning your friends onto the fiction of Cole Parker.' does exist. Odd.

And that's quite enough about Parker, except to say terrific story, and I read part 2. 😀

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