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Popular AD Author Chris James has passed


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I'm sorry to report that Chris James, a very popular AwesomeDude Author passed away at mid-day today (Friday)

Chris wrote me on March 1st that he had been very ill for the past several months but seemed to be recovering. 

His long-time close friend and AD Author Addym Kehris broke the bad news to me today.

Chris will be remembered for his significant body of work, much of which he posted here at AwesomeDude after making the site his home after many years of turning out excellent novels and short stories. 

Chris was also active - until the time his health took a turn for the worse - in the AD Forums commenting on our life and times in his own inimitable way with intelligence and insight.

Chris will be sorely missed here at AwesomeDude.  May he rest in peace.


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The easiest and hardest thing I've ever done in my life was signing the 'Do Not Resuscitate' order for my friend. It was easy because I knew beyond any shade of doubt that this is what he wanted. It was incredibly hard because he was the greatest human being in my life and my closest friend. I took the final step for him after watching him lying there with half a dozen IV's in his arms and an oxygen system forcing air into his lungs for three days. On Wednesday he opened his eyes and looked at me with a single tear tracing down his cheek. He couldn't speak by this time, but that alone said it all. "I've had enough." So, I arranged for him to be transferred to a hospice facility on Friday. He left the hospital at 12:15 pm, arrived at the hospice at 12:30. They quickly made him comfortable with no IV's and only a nose oxygen feed. He lay there quietly for fifteen minutes when I finally leaned over and said, "Hang in there as long as you can or want, buddy. I love you." Ten minutes later he gave up his fight.

I will miss my friend to the end of my days.


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Awful, awful news. My thoughts are with you, Addym.

Because of a post Trab made I'd just re-read all of Chris' short stories earlier this week. Besides, 'Kiss the Bear' is one of my favourites. I was going to write, but didn't - which is a salutary lesson I'll learn from.

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We think about authors on sites like AwesomeDude and Codey's World and Gay Authors and IOMFATS as being forever. It takes something as sad as the passing of Chris James to remind us that life is fleeting. I hope that his stories will remain available for readers long into the future.

Colin  😪

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I've learned so much from Chris's stories; he opened my world view to a very broad horizon.  His stories were fiction but he made sure of every fact and their basis in reality is what made them compelling.  I meant to name a few favorites but upon looking at his large list of titles I realize I like them all and have reread every one at least once.  He shall be missed, and his library of tales here on Awesome Dude is his monument.

James Merkin


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Sad news. Chris was a great writer and I love his stories. We exchanged numerous emails, including when I wrote to tell him how much I appreciated a story, and when I was working on preparing his stories for posting. I always enjoyed hearing from him. Best wishes to you, Addym.

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I have only just become aware of Chris's death. At the time it was announced I was recovering from major surgery and did not have access to the forums. I am going to miss Chris, over the years I have followed his writings and really appreciated them. A couple of Chris's books I have printed off and bound for friends (with Chris's permission). My planned bookbinding project for this year was to make a bound set of all his novels which I was going to send him. Unfortunately my own ill health never allowed me to get the project started. Now I will never be able to complete it. I will miss his work, I will miss his emails, above all I will miss the inspiration he gave to me and many other writers.

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Having been away from these forums, I was unaware of Chris's passing. His writings have enriched my life. The acuity and warmth with which he portrayed the human condition remains an inspiration to us all. Featuring him here this month is a fitting tribute. I look forward to re-reading some, if not all, of his stories.

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