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Sing to the Lord, by Alan Dwight

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I am almost exactly contemporary with the time and places detailed in Alan’s fine story “Sing to the Lord” and reading it brought a tear to my eye and an ache to my heart.  I am not qualified to comment on the details of the musical center of the story except to say that it rings completely true to the experience of my own failed high-church boyhood.  But if you are interested in what it was like for young, emotionally confused boys in the 1950s trying to understand their feelings within a context of complete ignorance and lack of information or support, this short tale is based completely on the reality of those times.
If you are old enough to remember, I’m sure it will bring an ache to your heart, too.



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It's wonderfully written, and evoked memories of lakes and storms and climbing hills, but since I never sang or went to church that part didn't do much for me. Maybe it's just me, but I finished the story with a rather somber subdued sorrow.

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The time, certainly.  You're both the same age, and the only ones I know here who are older than I am.  As long as you two keep thriving, I have to, too.  Competition, you know?

This is an excellent story.  And I remember those times, too.  Such a long time ago now.  And I remember the uncertainly and lack of information and nowhere to turn.  I'm not sure how we ever ended up with sex ed in the schools.  It certainly would face a hard fight these days.  I think it's one of the great things that happened for kids.  Wish we'd had it when I was young.


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This wonderful story brought me to tears, with its bittersweet themes of lost childhood, lost opportunity, a budding romance that never had a chance to blossom into maturity. Bravo!

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