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A Cantabrian Operetta

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I read this a little while ago, practically in one sitting, it was so good. In the vain of Morse if you've ever watched that British police series, but set in Cambridge  rather than Oxford. Kind of quintessentially British, right down to tea time. I wondered about the title and I'm sure Jonah would not object to me sharing his answer to my question.

 -- The title was originally going to be A Cantabrian Whodunnit, "Cantabrian" because it is set in Cambridge, and, of course you will have realised that it is a whodunnit.  A note from my friend Jacob Lion, in America, flagged up that the term "whodunnit", for crime stories, might be common in England, but wasn't appropriate for a story that is being read around the world. I changed the title, bearing in mind that a production of The Yeoman of the Guard, by Gilbert and Sullivan, features prominently in the plot. "Operetta" (sometimes called light, or comic, opera) doesn't distress Jacob's spell checker as much as "whodunnit" did. --

If you enjoy a good crime story in a very British style, read it, you'll love it, and it's very well written.

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As a fan of British mysteries, I fell in love with the story and recommended it to all my friends. And despite the category in which it was listed, there is nothing questionable in the story. I hope to find a sequel with more sleuthing along the Cam!


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