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The Charmed Life of Danny Murphy

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Here is a story I am reading at the moment. The summary speaks for itself and gives the background. It is a gentle slow paced novel with good dialogue and nice descriptions, rather like those "period" dramas produced by the BBC. Yes, it's very British, but not a Britain you would find these days, and the author is Irish!

The Charmed Life of Danny Murphy

Hiding part of what makes you who you are may sometimes seem necessary. And sometimes you may hide a part of yourself so well that you don't even realise that it exists. Danny Murphy seems to be living a charmed life. But he has a secret; one that he tries to keep so well hidden that he doesn't even want to admit it to himself. However, if he is hiding part of his real self, not just from others but also from himself, is his life really as charmed as it may seem?

This story spans a period from the nineteen-sixties to the present day. Although much of it is light hearted, there are some dark sections to it, including an attempted suicide in one of the later chapters.

Great story, feels very real and true to life. I do have a penchant for period novels, if you count the sixties as "period," I do, it was well over half a century ago. Rock and roll, the Beatles, and in 1966 England actually won something on the football field... lol!

Wow Marty I am loving this story! I love your description it is just wonderful and has a true to life feel to it I cant wait to see where this will lead  So I think that I could safely call this a truly great beginning to a great story and Journey.

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