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I keep wondering why it still has 2018 on the topic of joining, but at this point maybe changing it to 2020 would be more advantageous. 🙀

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2 hours ago, Merkin said:

It's a membership promotion.  If you join now you are given Seniority back to last year.

So, a time travel deal, then.

Join now (at any age), and you'll be whisked back to 2018 where you find you're old enough to receive a pension.

I'm not convinced....

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2 hours ago, Merkin said:

How about instant previews of chapters following cliffhangers?

Wouldn't that turn a cliffhanger into a hillockhanger? 

I was thinking some AD bling would be nice. Of course Cole already has the crown, but I could look natty in a small tiara. :w00t:

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