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Irish Joke


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Three Irishmen apply for a job at factory and are waiting to be interviewed for the one vacancy.

Finally all three are shown in to the Personal Managers office and after giving them a short talk, he gives each man a match-box containing a spider saying, “I want you all to take the spiders home and observe them. Then tomorrow at 10.00am I will ask you each for your observations.”

The three Irishmen take their spider’s home, and all meet up the next day at 10.00am in the manager’s waiting room.

Shortly the first man is asked to enter the office, and is questioned by the Manager as to what he had observed of his spider?

The man said “I took the spider out of the box and had a good look at it and saw that it had eight legs and was rather ugly.”

“Thank you said the manager will you send the next man in on your way out.”

Shortly the second man came in and went through the same process as the first man saying, “The spider had eight legs, was hairy, and ugly.”

The manager asked him to send the third man in as he left.

The third man came in sat down.

The manager asked him what his observations of the spider were.

“Well,” the man said, “I took the spider home, examined it and saw it had eight legs and was hairy. Then I decided to train it using my finger. When I said come here, I prodded it to come towards me, then pushing it with my finger I said go away. After a sometime it would come to me when I said come here, and go back, when I said go back. Then I picked the spider up and pulled its legs off and put it back down on the table. “I said come here, and it didn’t move, I said go back, it still didn’t move.”

“So what was your conclusion the manager asked?”

“Well,” the man said, “It goes to prove. If you pull a spiders legs off it goes deaf.”

He got the job.

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