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Bruin Fisher


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3 hours ago, Bruin Fisher said:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has stated that he cannot support Gay Marriage without first having a mandate.

A mandate from whom? The Queen is the head of the Church of England and she already said yes when she signed the law on same sex marriage in the UK some six years ago. Or does he need to ask the bishops, or the dimishing congregations, or perhaps hold a referendum, but wait a minute there was already one of those on another subject which left three years of havoc in its wake!

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Looks like I've bungled this one. It's posted in 'Laughs and Limericks' but otherwise I guess I didn't flag this clearly as a joke.

To clarify: I have no idea what the archbishop's view is of gay marriage. The joke was a play on words: man-date.

Sorry to cause confusion!

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2 hours ago, Merkin said:

I think anyone who wears a pointy cap is hilarious. 

Yes indeed. Their outfits are preposterous, enormous jewelled rings, elaborately embroidered clothes, in any other walk of life they'd be crossdressers...

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