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Alan Dwight

The Intern Stories

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Shall we assume the first internship scenario, the one in the doctor's office, was meant to be more of a fantasy than reality? Not even a medical student can document a physical exam any more. The attending physician must verify all findings and document them personally. That is because if a medical student misses something do to inexperience, the attending physician can be held financially liable. Besides which, Medicare and other 3rd parties won't pay for an exam done by a trainee. A high school intern would never be allowed to do a physical exam, and that last item would be good for criminal prosecution. It sounds like it was fun though. 😀

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12 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

Anyone reading any of those stories and not seeing them as fantasies should have his poetic license revoked.



Dang! I was convinced you'd fully researched this story... 😁

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