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Russian Lad wows Germans

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Yet another Russian in our series of Awesome Youth Performances.  

Not only is this kid's performance awesome but he's appearing on this German TV show speaking very passable German after only studying it for two months?

Question:  Why are so few of the exceptional youth performances achieved by American youth?   

Are American kids destined to be underperformers?


Anyway, enjoy this one:



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Not only talented, but cute--I love that big smile!

He apparently comes from a family of performers and from a region of the world that has a long history of producing fine circus performers, so he starts with some advantages that the typical American kid would never have.  I don't think Americans celebrate youthful accomplishments the same way some others around the world do.  I don't think we have a show anything like "SuperKids".  Having kids compete against adults is not the same as giving them their own platform.

I think it is more of an attitude.  Americans treat talented kids as oddities.  The Germans just assumed they would be able to find enough talented kids to make an on-going TV show.

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