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Guest Colin Kelly

What's going on at Codey's World???

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Guest Colin Kelly

You might have been wondering what happened to Codey's World. 
We're sorry we've missed you. 

Our staff has been working. 
Working at our real job, the one we got paid to do.
Trying to stay in business and avoid COVID-19. 
Both have been successful.

Things have been difficult, but they are a little better now. 

And Codey's World will be back. Still posting once a week. 
But now instead of Wednesdays, it's going to be Saturdays.
Same as the day AwesomeDude will be posting from now on. 

So look for us this Saturday, May 9th.
Baxter will be finished. 
We'll post a new short story from Grant Bentley. 
We'll post a new serial novel Adam, from Colin (that's me). 
And there's a lot more coming.

So, stick around for some good stories from Codey's World.

Stay healthy.
Stick to what you've been doing.
Wash your hands regularly.
Stay at least six feet away from others. 
Wear a face mask when you're near other people. 
Wear gloves when you're shopping. 
If you have kids or grandkids, learn how to use Zoom.
Or Skype. Or WhatsApp. Or... whatever. 

We're glad to be back. 

Colin Kelly 
Thursday, May 7th, 2020

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Guest RobbyK

May 9th is a week ago by now, I presume that there are extraordinary circumstances that de promised publication date couldn’t be met. Stay strong, safe and healthy!
I’ll try to be patient 😉


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