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Baxter Epilogue

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The Epilogue to Colin's Baxter is posted but not directly linked. You need to click the link to the story on the Codey's World home page, which takes you to the chapter index where there's a link to the Epilogue.

(I posted this here because for some reason I don't have the option to either reply or start a new topic on the Codey's World Forum.)

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19 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

Sometimes things are hidden until the author wants them shows publicly.  There are a number of reasons for this.


1) Their editor is having conniptions.

2) The author dyed his hair blonde and consequently lost the plot. 😜

3) "I had that USB stick in my pocket, I know I did."

4) Aliens ate it.

PS please excuse me tarting around making flippant comments. If I don't, the cat says my sanity is likely to take a holiday, and meow.

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