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A tough chapter to edit


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Jamie just posted chapter 44 of TSOI to the site...I have to admit, it was a hard chapter to edit. I found that I couldn't edit the first part when I first starting working on it...I'd already read it through, but the impact was still pretty raw. I had to move on to about the halfway point before i could start really working on it, and only after reading the opening section several times was I able to start really getting 'editor-esque' about it.

Don't get me wrong--this is a fine chapter. It slots into the storyframe beautifully, and makes good internal logic, but it's not an easy read (and no, I'm not going to offer any spoilers here--go read the chapter for yourself, you lazy thing!).

This is the first time I've encountered this difficulty...anyone care to comment?



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I found the chapter early Saturday morning and read it in the afternoon. I've sent my comments to Jamie and await his reply.

I found this chapter to be very powerful and believable.

I did my own quick edit on half the chapter before writing this. I don't normally do a grammar/spell check on stories that I keep. Granted, we have our different styles, but here's what I came across.

On the comma usage issues, I disagreed with grammar check so I wouldn't have brought them up. I found one incident of wordiness. IMHO, you did the best you could in your usual style.

Perhaps the reason you found it not an easy read, is the shock everyone was in, including the reader. This attack was brutal. (Sorry if I'm giving anything away here).

Aj, I believe you did good.


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Damned split infinitives! :oops: Still, if that's the worst that I missed, I guess I'm doing all right. Wordiness is a plague upon our house, but i generally manage to pare things down a bit.

Actually though, what I was finding to be difficult was editing writing that has such emotional impact. I started to edit this chapter a couple of times and found myself just sitting there reading instead. It was a strange experience, because I'm usually pretty directed when i edit.



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