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An Evening With The Angel


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Thought I'd take a little time to publicly say Thank You to JJP for the opportunity to edit Chapter 28 of The Angel.

It all started Sunday afternoon. I took a small nap after lunch and checked my email when I got up. Here was this email from JJP, sent to several people, looking for some one to edit, proof read, or what ever, chapter 28. Serious applicants only. Plus it would be sent to the first two to respond. There was also a time limit on getting it done. He wanted it back that night for posting. An hour had passed from the time the email came in to the time I responded, around 2:30 pm. I thought, hell why not, so I gave it a shot.

I was one of the two winners. After receiving 2 copies, for some reason Microsoft Word didn't want to open a dat file, I got started. By 11:00 pm est., the chapter and my comments were on the way back to JJP.

This morning, I had an email from Josiah with something I rarely get from any of the authors I've worked for, Feedback. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. The way I see it, if an author and an editor are going to work together, then there should be communication between them. Josiah took the time to explain things which will make things easier if he should send me another chapter.

So once again, Thank you, Josiah Jacobus-Parker


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Funny how you can win more work now. haha.

Thank you for doing such a great job of editing the chapter, and not to mention for doing it so quickly!

I couldn't agree more with you. If a writer and editor are to work together, there needs to be a good deal of feedback between the two-- that way, the writer can (hopefully!) learn not to make the same mistakes, and the editor can come to understand a writer's particular style.

But really, thank YOU! It would have taken me much longer on my own, and I probably would have missed out half the things you caught me on.

I look forwards to working with you again. I found your editing methods very helpful.

P.S. The other 'winner' didn't edit it at all and was clearly just doing it to get an early read of the chapter.

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It's hard to imagine a marriage where neither partner ever spoke to each other...not just the sullen silence of "not getting along," but ever. That's what trying to edit for someone without talking to them would be like, i think.

I think I've been lucky...Jamie and I, and Peter and I, chat all the time, and not just about the stories we work on together, but about life and cooking (is there a difference?!), and work, and their relationships (because I don't have one), and all the things that matter, and quite a few that don't. Somewhere along the way, we manage a few minutes about the story and resolve whatever challenges are facing us there.

Communication between writer and editor is vital to the process, I think.



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