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BONDS by Gabriel Duncan

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The inaugural story for the new AD section, Drawn From Life, is this true confession from our own Rustic Monk, BONDS , centering on the search for his birth mother. As he struggles to discover who and what he is, he fights against the many bonds that restrict him-legal, societal and familial. His prose is at its best: clean, clear and a str8 shot to the heart. Gritty, real and unapologetic, BONDS will touch you, will make you think. A perfect offering for Thanksgiving, the traditional time to reunite with family, whether in person or thought. Read BONDS and let us know what you learn.

From BONDS :

You're probably wondering how it feels. You want to know. You want to experience it. So I'm sure you want to ask me more questions. You'll want to know what it was like, if was I excited, was I scared, how my parents reacted. Shut up. I'm writing this so you won't ask me again.


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This was a hard read mostly because I know and admire Gabe so much. When my friends hurt, I hurt. It's one of the bravest pieces of writing I've ever seen. The High Desert is a good place to regroup and refresh, a little photography and a lttle writing and an even stronger warrior will emerge. Great job Gabe.


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No writing, I have read, has moved me more than those written by Gabriel Duncan. ?Bonds? was no exception! Each have left me sitting in my chair thinking about the story and Gabe.

Reading ?Bonds? required me to gain more knowledge of the "Paiute?. Thank God for Google! I am sure that I spent more time reading the search results than I spent reading Bonds. But, the end result, gave me a wealth of information which intensified the story Gabe was giving me.

Yes, I agree with everything that has been said in prior posts.

Bonds was written from the heart and I felt it in mine.

Hugs Gabe!! Thank you for sharing BONDS with us!!


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