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Just Curious, not an actual book review, but a question...

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I haven't looked into it, and I really have a lot of other stuff to do right now, so I want to ask: "Are most of the recent gay or homosexual-male novels young-adult, or teenage level? If not, are there any well written ones that you might recommend, other than those online?"


I didn't see this when you posted it - I hope you're tracking this thread!

I don't know what proportion of recent gay writing is young adult/teen oriented but a lot of stuff is. Stuff I've liked recently

Brian Molloy _The Year of Ice_. A serious literary novel - but not at all pompous - story of a working class boy (17 or so) dealing with coming out and a difficult home life. I loved it.

David Levithan _Boy Meets Boy_. Brilliantly funny, touching, joyful and above all totally original and different every gay boy should read this - and every straight boy too.

Patricia Nell Warren _Billy's Boy_. Really good read - very different from a lot of other gay teen stuff and moving.

Alex Sanchez _Rainbow Boys_, _Rainbow High_. I like these even tho the writing is sometimes stilted because of Sanchez mission to preach his truth to gay youth. It's a good truth (mostly) and these books will no doubt help some people feel positive but - that just ain't the job of literature.

Kirk Read _How I Learned to Snap_. Great fun. Well written.

Those are the ones that stand out for me as being good reads and being particularly aimed at young gay guys. I've read other novels with a gay theme that would appeal to a wider audience and I've left out some of the not very good stuff.

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