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God Damn It


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God Damn It


No one says it anymore, no one

With all the necessary zest?

Like GOD DAMN IT, all three at once,

All three to grab then punch then fuck

The living daylights out of air,

Or sunlight, or passing cars, or this

Thing called life I need someone to say it,

To me or let me hear it

Because I can?t say it, I can?t. It?s

Only damn it for me, only damn it


To the mirror, to these features I know

So fucking well. I want to yell, scream at it,

Cry and claw the smoothness

With my fingernails, he won?t even flinch.

Bet he won?t be there if I punch him

Crack that glass?

Let?s have the blood,

Toast it and yes: give me the pain

Justify what?s inside, oh God

I need to justify what isn?t there,

Why can?t I say it? or strike him

Like you had Cain strike Abel?dead

Like doornails or faces in the morgue,

There?s loveliness

In death, you know, but can?t justify it,

No, can?t even say it.

Can?t even say it.


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