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Billy was small for his age, looking more like six than nearly ten, but that was the least of his problems. This Christmastime, though, he finds a few solutions. This is Codey's second story and is tender, gently told, sweet and charmingly written. A holiday tale that will make you smile, even if it is through tears. Seven short chapters and an epilogue, almost a novella and very much worth your time. Come, read, meet little Billy and, believe it or not, meet a few Scrooges and other traditional harbingers of Christmas.

From A Christmas Wish :

?Hello?is this Mrs. Munro??

?Yes it is. May I help you??

? I believe so. My name is Paul Thornton of the law firm of Thornton and Thornton. I?m calling in regards to an accident on your property that injured a minor child named Robert Jefferson. We have been asked to represent this minor child in a recovery of damages suit against you and your husband.?

?Against us? We had nothing to do with his accident.?

?I?m afraid the law disagrees, Mrs. Munro. The accident occurred on your property and was caused by your negligence in allowing the ice to build up on your sidewalk.?

?It wasn?t our negligence. The boy had been told earlier to clear the walk. It?s not our fault he didn?t do it and hurt himself after it got worse.?


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A delightful and heart warming story. Well written. Just the thing for the holiday season. A great plot twist. Artfully done so the twist wasn't easily guessed or an immediate give-away. I throughly enjoyed it. Thank you

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