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Hallmark, Norman Rockwall and The Waltons ain't got nuthin' on our very own Graeme as he bares all in this series of endearing, adorable family tidbits: Family Snippets. Kids, parents, chess horsies, bike lessons, anniversaries; silly moments and happy times fill these small stories. Read one, read several, read them all. He adds little shorts onto them regularly, so check back if you enjoy them and be sure to drop the author a line. He's writing from the heart, and for the Drawn From Life section of AD.

From Family Snippets 'A Special Day':

So, when Andrew suggested getting Janine a train engine for Mother?s Day, I suspected he really just wanted another one for himself. I decided to test this theory:

?I don?t think Mummy would like a train engine. How about we get her some chocolates, instead??

?But I don?t like chocolate!? he whined.

Now this was a complete lie but, relative to a new train engine, I could accept it as being the truth. Rather than discussing it at that time, I elected to wait until we were actually at the shops before trying to get him to choose a suitable present.


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