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TR's second original contribution to AD's new Drawn From Life section is this short story chemistry confession, Exothermic Reaction. What is an 'exothermic reaction'? Definition: A chemical reaction that produces heat. And Chemistry's heat is what this playful true story is all about. Honors chem class, lab safety rules, an absentminded teacher and a roomful of horny sophmores-what could possibly go wrong? Read Exothermic Reaction to find out.

From Exothermic Reaction:

Exhibit A:


Who is now following me into the storage room, where Gregg and Wurtz reaction have sent me. My cup runneth over. My list is in my hand. My eyes are on the shelves: bottles, jars and beakers, all neatly ordered, tidily tagged. He speaks my name but I?m busy with titration calculation. No one else is in the storeroom. He sidles up, crabwise, to stand behind me. My body, not fully recovered from his last assault (dry Chem notes and Gregg notwithstanding) reacts unwisely. I am sure my shudder is a secret. I reread my list, forgetting my sequence of events. To wit, I am distracted.

Allow me to explain.

Terry is not precisely unattractive. Terry is slim, about my size and height, his brown hair is long and his skin is pale. He has a vagueness to him that is disconcerting, a dreamy look to his deep green eyes. He wears tight blue jeans, day after day, year after year, varying only his tee shirt slogans. He has a thong around his neck from which dangles a twisty little golden shape that, he says, is a symbol of masculine fertility.


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I was robbed! Robbed, I tell you! -- My chemistry class was never that exciting. Shoot, even the couple of lovebirds were sweet, and they just teased and talked.

Oh, I'm not sure I really would've been ready for chem. class to be that exciting. But da-yum, nothing in school was that, uh, diverting.

Hmm. OK, lunch period got pretty exciting a few times, at least for me, but not nearly on that level. Algebra II got exciting once in the diametrically opposite direction.

I'm geek enough (who'd have guessed?) to really enjoy these brainy and sexy stories. Thanks, TR.

God, I wish a friend had helped catalyze my own equation! Definitely, there should've been a little something extra when the complex organic known as B reacted with certain other complex organics. Ah well, perhaps it's just a delayed reaction.

(I was Robbed? No, and Robert wasn't in chem. class with me, but if we'd had a chance to find out.... Uh, never mind....)

Note: Ahem, I think my Bunsen Burner might still be lit for at least two or three friends from school. Talk about your long-running experiments....

Perhaps TMI? -- Yes, I'm still at that awkward stage of coming out.

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Great story, TR. Loved all the chemical definitions, and the part about how there's "nobody lazier than a bunch of genius kids" was perfect.

Man, I should have taken honors instead of basic chemistry. We never had any supply-closet makeout sessions. But, since I got stuck at the burnout table (people seem to always think I'm high on something... :roll:), I did end up listening to endless "Sex v. Robitussin Trip" debates. I forget which side won.

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Okay, you can all get fancy schmanzy with your praise for this story, but all I can say is, "It kept me horny almost all the way through." It's absolutely marvelous. (Okay, I guess that was two things. So bite me.) :D

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  • 1 year later...

Digging up this old topic for two reasons: one, because the story is now graced with one of the new 'wimpy' audio buttons: one-click, no hassle, just head me read the story aloud for you!

Two, in the time since I wrote this story, Terry actually found me online and we've spent some RL time together. He provided some photos of himself from our HS days, one of which is now at the bottom of the story for your edification, and the audio version is, naturally enough, dedicated to him. He hasn't read the story, that I know of, but he's still a sweet and dreamy guy and I've enjoyed our reacquaintance. As another of my characters likes to say, 'Just goes to show, you never can tell.'

Re-read EXOTHERMIC REACTION by TR or HEAR me read it for you, courtesy of our new 'wimpy' embedded audio buttons!

As always, let me and all other authors know what you think of our efforts!


TR :icon1:

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