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Breakups Are Sad by TR

Breakups are difficult

And breakups are sad;

That?s what history tells us,

So why are you mad?

Ain?t nothing for always,

And no one for keeps,

With misunderstandings

The truest love sleeps.

I finally grew weary

And simply grew cold;

But how is this different

From what you?ve been told?

Your radio sings this

And poets long dead;

They tell us these heart truths

In stories you?ve read.

If you really loved me

Then why did you cheat?

If I was your one love

Then why the deceit?

I know that you?re angry

But I think it?s crap,

Especially since you

Brought home the clap.

The wages of sin are

Supposed to be steep,

But why am I paying

When I didn?t reap?

You?re such a damn loser

Is what my friends said,

I just kept forgetting

When you?d give me head.

But, honey, ain?t nothin?

Worth half what I?ve stood,

No French fancy technique-

Ain?t no one that good.

So take your resentment

And your gossipy lies,

Please vanish forever-

You?re not such a prize.

If never is when I

Next see you again,

I?ll say Hallelujah

And heartfelt Amen.

I?m off to the clinic

And all thanks to you;

Here?s hoping that someone

Infects you anew.

You were my sweet darling

You were my delight;

But if you keep calling,

You?ll see this dog bite.

I?ve bought me a handgun

I?ve stocked up on mace,

Just give me a reason

And I?ll smash your face.

No, breakups aren?t easy

And hearts crack like glass;

But if you come near me

Hon, I?ll kick your ass.


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