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hia everyone

i was just browsing and came across this brilliant story on archerland. I would love to recommed it being on this website in some way--the description of this section suggested this was the place to put it forward!


It is about this young lawyer in Sydney. It is his tale about how he has hidden the fact that he is gay all his life (only the begining of story), but is drawn out of his shell and into a whirlwind of change by a confident client and the mega events that lead on from that.

It is not just a romance but a REAL story with a very strong backbone that isn't just centred on a relationship. You may be shocked by how it ends up or even the turn of events half way through.

I know this website is mainly aimed at stories that deal with youth, but i have read so many that it is nice to read something abit more...mature..? i suppose it is because i am begining to want to read things that are more in the context of adult (real?) life as i am getting older, something that i may be able to relate to later. (am 18 by the way and in 1st year of uni). Not that i dont enjoy all the stories i have read so far!!!!

You know i never knew how many places around the world share the same names as english places. I knew it was quite commone in america, but i was shocked to realise that my home city Liverpool also has a twin, nevermind Hyde Park. It is just weird to imagine them as something else with a different people living in them...but at some point will definetly have to visit! :)

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