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A Boarding School

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I was surprised to hear how every minute of the day is regimented.  Every story I read is about all the free time the boys have together and how they use that time.  I don't mean sexual escapades, but just gathering together in year rooms and talking or doing whatever.  This sounds like there was very little of that.



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Part 2 suggests Lindybeige found some freedom amidst the regimentation. But overall it still sounds like a fairly miserable experience for him. I can understand how it must have been quite traumatic for a rather independently-minded person to be suddenly dropped into this environment after being used to conventional home and school life.

Overall I think it depends a lot on both the school (they vary a great deal in their approaches to discipline and control) and the person (some people need much more freedom than others). To take an example that I'm sure is familiar here, if Mihangel's writing reflects his experience of the real-life "Yarborough", then I think it was a combination of a less regimented environment with a personality that was better suited to it.

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FYI Yarborough is Uppinham.

Lindybeige's video was a tad tongue in cheek. Yes, you are somewhat regimented - after all, the school is in loco parentis - and in this day and age heaven forbid if something should happen to a student. You have classes to attend, and your house will have roll calls (or they did while I was there. Now it's probably an app), and eating is always a good thing.

That said, there is a lot of time available in which to get up to all sorts of mischief!

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