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White Christmas turning blue

And all because of you

The snow just makes me cold

Since you and I are through.

No use to hear the songs

Every one else belongs

While I am all alone

And it just feels so wrong.

The lights and Christmas tree

The carols filled with glee

They break my heart anew

But you?re not here to see.

White Christmas turning blue

I?m only missing you

You left me so alone

I thought your love was true.

All the presents and good cheer

Remind me you?re not near

And Santa cannot bring

What you made disappear.

Those sleigh bells in the night

A fireplace burning bright

They chill me to the bone

This Christmas isn?t white.

White Christmas turning blue

I?m crying over you

This season isn?t green

And nothing will renew.

You left me in the cold

No angels made of gold

Can mend my aching heart

For you?re not here to hold.

The snow is falling down

Bright lights all through the town

But nothing stops my tears

I?m just your Christmas clown.

White Christmas turning blue

My wishes are but few

That you?ll come home to me

I can?t stop loving you.


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TR and Gabe were busy scheming, rhyming rhythmically, Blue sees.

Blue hugs a snowshoe hare whose pensively powerful poem's bluer than Blue.

Blue notes the holidays can bring blue notes to cheerful frosty white.

May everyone find a more colorful songbook for their year's renewal.

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