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DO THE MATH, a TR poem

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Do The Math

Do the math, you tell me

Then, in addition, you walk away

And that subtraction, baby

Just leaves me so divided.

One and one is two

And two is awful sexy, but

When you take-away-from

You leave me no solution.

I?d like to multiply

I?d love us to signify

But the signals that you give me

Don?t add up to anything.

Honey, did you notice

Your numbers are peculiar

Whole but not quite rational

Your answers don?t match mine.

If I do the long division

Some numbers are repeating

Honey, are you cheating

Because your product ain?t my sum.

One and one is we two

So long as it?s addition

The other permutation

Is one times me and that?s no fun.

Come back and find the square root

Come on and help me to define

Our sexy old equation

Cuz the solution is you?re mine.


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One is the loneliest number, but it beats the crud out of the null solution. Neither are recommended outcomes.

Be positive, alleviate the negatives.

Sometimes we've got to factor in new data and search for new solutions that lead to numbers greater than one. -- Working on that one myself, in the new year.

I could doubtless come up with more mathematical puns, but my wit is finite.

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