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Memoriam a poem by Codey


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by Codey

I feel your eyes upon me

in everything I do.

There's not a minute in any day

that I don't think of you.

I feel the comfort of your love

in life's unsettled clime.

I hear you speaking to me,

in the recesses of my mind

You whisper the past is for memories

but not a place to dwell.

Trying to relive the past,

can make life a living Hell.

I can feel the distant nearness

as our souls are still entwined.

You now free to soar and swoop,

I still trapped in my earthly rind.

You free of human cares and woes

as you've moved to another plane.

I with little more to lose,

and even less to gain.

You to live with Angels

in everlasting light.

I to do battle with demons

in shadows and the darkness of night.

I know I'll have to live with the past,

my destiny in coming years.

I can only hope, when I close my eyes,

I will see you still, through my tears.

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Brilliant poem.

Just remember, when you're fighting the darkness, that friends help you fight, even if you can't see 'em in the dark.

There's a fun-loving side to you too. I hope to see that in a poem or two, too.

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