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Me's a poem by Codey


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a poem by Codey

The me that was is broken,

in desperate need of repair.

the layers of my life peeled back,

the broken parts laid bare.

The essence of me is hidden,

lost in the blather of a crowd.

Like grains of sand and pebbles

in a field that's freshly plowed.

The white-coats gather round,

deciding which parts to replace,

further obscuring the me that was

and making it harder to trace.

The me that is stands watching

in wonderment and wide eyed,

as broken parts and pieces

are casually tossed aside.

Pieces not deemed necessary,

are scheduled to be replaced.

Sorted into piles to keep

and piles to be labeled as waste.

The me that?s meant to emerge

I?ll have to wait to see.

Will it be the me I was, the me I am

or a me that?s yet to be?

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I think they're facets of the same you. What makes you uniquely you and special isn't lost or discarded, it's still there, although you may not think so at times. The glimmer of those you's is there for anyone who takes the time to look.

If you're wondering, yes, I feel the same way sometimes. That's why, when I see it in friends, I want them not to beat themselves up or get so down.

Hmm, that partner of yours needs to give you another big hug, maybe more, next time he sees you.

:hugs: from your friends are cool too. Here's one :hugs: to get you started.

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Personally, change has always scared the living shit out of me. I can, therefore, appreciate your courage. But change happens and is inevitable--sigh--so how we deal with it helps define who we are. And who we will become. As long as you're approaching it with "wonderment and wide-eyed", I suspect the "me that?s meant to emerge" will be someone able to value the paradoxical beauty of ugliness. This ability is rare and should be cherished. Your "me" is going to be wonderful.

Your poem made feel good.


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