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Company --(dedicated to the nameless couple in Starbucks)

We sit idly in the corner,

The velvet couch almost too cozy

As quiet music plays softly overhead.

We nurse our coffees quietly.

I can see a man reading,

His foot tips a chair

And he rocks it absently.

The red lights over the counter

And the blue lamps on the tables

Make a homely glow

And I sink deeper into my seat,

Enjoying the caffeinated stupor.

A sophisticated woman in a fur coat

Comes and sits near us.

She takes delicate sips of her latt?

And flips through her magazines,

Reading up on the lives of celebrities

And whatever other gossip

That has found it's way into the latest issue.

The snow piles softly against

The window panes.

And I'm glad we're inside.

I'm glad we're warm.

What are you thinking about?

Should I ask?

You have a bag of books

And when I inquire,

You eagerly take them out to show me

Your latest purchase.

You speak excitedly about them.

But I'm not listening.

I'm just watching your mouth move,

Enjoying the contours and animations of your face.

I make a noise of appreciation.

But I'm still not listening.

Yours is such an open face,

So warm and comforting.

The wind rattles the glass panes

And I break from my reverie.

I'm reminded again

Of how glad I am we're inside.

I know how you enjoy the cold,

The outside.

But it's too wet to be out.

I lean closer to you

And rest my head on your shoulder.

Your hand finds mine and our fingers entwine.

It's subtle, but intimate.

Everyone else is drinking their coffee

--That's what they come here to do.

But we're not.

We're enjoying something better:

Each other's company.

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Wow, what a sweet visit. That's a great slice of life, really simply put, but it's better for that. Clearly it's a cozy place to spend some time.

I'm all for the hand-holding, mouth-watching, and books, too.

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Thanks you guys, I'm glad you liked it.

There are a few minor things I'm still not quite happy about, but over all I like how it came out.

Blue, I'm not sure if your comment was meant to sound as dirty as it did to me... so I'm gonna pretend it wasnt.

And thanks TalonRider, I'll take that as high praise. heh. :D

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My comment sounded dirty? If so, my subconscious libido must be working overtime. (Could be.) But nothing bad was intended.

:: puts out clean table linens ::

Er, all I meant was I liked that the couple in the poem were holding hands, watching their mouths, etc., and those sound like fine activities to me too.

Heh, I think I'm being teased. I guess I'm eminently teasable. :)

I think I'm just digging the hole deeper now, aren't I? :lol:


I thought it was a fine poem and fine subjects.

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