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Now how many peppers did Peter Piper pick to get himself a peck of pickled peppers? But more importantly, how many pickles do you get in a peck, when you can't find no peppers to pick? And furthermore, who wants a pickle that's made from a pepper by a guy named Peter Piper? And in conclusion, how many pipers do you know that pick pickles? And how many Peters are pickled?

Now how many ducks could a duck plucker pluck, if the duck plucker plucked until dark? And more importantly, how many plucks would it take on a duck, till the plucker got duck plucker's arm? And furthermore, if the duck plucker died while plucking the duck, would you call it the fault of the duck? Or think now, would you say that the plucker had run out of ducks? And they called it "duck plucker's luck"?

Now how much wood could a woodpecker peck, while Peter was picking them peppers? And what if the pluckor became the pluckee, and the woodpecker's name was Chuck? :lol:

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