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Leaves and Lunatics by EleCivil

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The writer/editor in me wonders how you can wrap up all the plot and character arcs I see in only one more chapter.

Then again, that's strongly influenced by the fan in me that wants to see more of the story and hopes for a few more chapters for the resolution and ending.

I'll eagerly await whatever happens. Leaves and Lunatics is one of my favorites, about normal kids acting like normal kids, and two of 'em just happen to be gay and in love. Lucky guys. I've said it before, I like the wit and the humor and the way the story flows naturally out of the characters.

So you have a new one you like even more, EleCivil? Great, I'll be glad to see it too! Happy-dance, happy-dance.

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Looks like the next chapter's going to be delayed. I don't want to rush this one. No worries, just wanted to let you know it might be a few more days.

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A most excellent conclusion. It's wonderful that elements from earlier chapters (from juggling to moron theory to ants) come back in a way that unify all 13 chapters into a tight story.

Even the forward-looking actions following the conclusion of the story are hinted at enough. For example, I can imagine the scene the next day between Cam and Mr. Hall without EleCivil needing to write it out. The only thing missing (though it's there in my own head) is a gratuitous camera-pan backward though the street performers at the park.


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I said it in another thead by mistake but excellent story!

"moron theory" is great!

BTW- any chance of a sequel featuring Jerry? He's an awesome character who kept me in stitches! [not implying that Cam, Nathan and Andrew, Jill were not strong characters]

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I remember when you congratulated me for completing FCL. It is now my great pleasure to do the same for you.

Well done! :D

You brought things to a great close; one I'm extremely happy with. Sometimes I feel disappointed with how a story ends, but that is definitely not the case here.

I'm going to have to go back at some stage and read the whole story through in one shot, but for now I'll just step back and give you the standing ovation you deserve....

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Great job ele, but I will admit to feeling a loss. Along with Graemes FCL this is a story I hate to see end.

Hurry with the new story to repair my sense of loss. :-D


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Thanks for the comments, everybody.

BTW- any chance of a sequel featuring Jerry?

Eh...probably not. I don't really see a sequel happening. Maybe I'll get inspired at some point in the future, but for now, I'm leaving L&L where it lies. It's funny, though - everybody who writes asking about a sequel always suggests that it should star Jerry.

Hurry with the new story to repair my sense of loss.

Indeed, sir. Flexing my typin' fingers as we speak.

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EleCivil's very natural and funny Leaves and Lunatics is now complete with Chapter 13. I'd urge anyone to read all 13 chapters for a look at a special group.

I was really impressed with how well you wrapped things up, EleCivil. I might've wanted a little more regarding Cam's teacher, or a point or two more about Andy and Jill or about Jerry, but you resolved the core story with Cam and Clint so well.

Heh, moron theory in action. :) They just need an anteater when they go to the park! :lol: -- But the main thing in their relationship is that they were real, it didn't feel forced.

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I'm still working on this story, but it's not really work at all. One thing just grabbed hold of me though, and shook me to my core, making my everyday existance a nightmare, knotting my bowels, and generally causing a lot of nights of sleeplessness: "He was pressing into him forcefully now, like he was trying to borough his way though Cam's chest. "

WHAT? Excuse me? He was trying to make a political sub-section of Cam's chest?

Some editor really missed with this one.

BTW, did I do the exageration well?


PS. I hope somebody pointed this out in one of the myriad posts on this story, but if not, shame on you all. Didn't EleCivil specifically say not to hold back on his account?

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WHAT? Excuse me? He was trying to make a political sub-section of Cam's chest?

That's right. A political sub-section. He was planning on calling it Camhattan, and making it a flourishing business district. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 8-[

Hahahaha...man, I didn't notice that one. I don't have an editor, so I made a lot of those kind of mistakes. I even went an entire chapter calling a character by the wrong name at one point (I sent the Dude a corrected version of this, but the Nifty version still has it).

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Hmm, I'd picture Camhattan as a nice, peaceful, open place with lots of woods and parks, a train track, plenty of spots for juggling, lots more for hugging and making out... and only the occasional ant den. You know, kinda like Cam and Clint's relationship. (Yes, I'm a romantic.)

Burrow, not borough. Heh, but Camhattan might be a nice place. Anyway, those two can hug all they want.

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