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I'm not sure. Maybe this should go in the L&L section?

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I saw him flutter and flap around,

Torn wings useless as he sprawled on the ground.

Feathers soaked in browning blood

Wings caked with brackish mud.

Watching him, it was so sad

But too late! He was had.

As he shrieked and struggled about and flounced

She flexed her claws and suddenly pounced.

She bit, tugged and tore off his head

And carried him away ?Dead.

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Strong imagery. Feral feline. If that "she" is a feline.

Working out some inner aggressive / destructive tendencies lately? I've noticed a couple of your other poems deal with it too. Maybe some sports or martial arts would help. Or maybe a gentle friend or two to soothe the savage soul. Something to think about.

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Guest rusticmonk86

I liked it. Because it is "dark and feral". Your choice of style was fitting and to the point.

Break-up's suck; and I know at least three people here can attest to that. Keep writing. Mi casa es su casa. If you want to scream, go ahead.

Do you have anything else macabre?

(I know I keep adding to this.)

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I liked it. Because it is "dark and feral". Your choice of style was fitting and to the point.

Do you have anything else macabre?

hahaha did you read "A Bittersweet Victory"?

i might have a few others tucked away somewhere. I'll try and dig some out. They might need a bit of work though.

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Other subjects and moods would be welcome too. Hmm, I was trying for a nickname for "ArchangelMatthew72" besides your name. Heh, "Archie," doesn't quite fit. (Teasing you.)


Joey is fine.

Or master. Master works too.

Joey is NOT fine, it's taken. You be good or I'll spill your real nicknames, mate!

Mega kisses,


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