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"Promises to Keep" by Grasshopper


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This is, to my mind, one of the best things that Grasshopper has written, and given the outstanding quality of his previous work, that's saying a great deal.

I've just read the whole thing in one sitting (all 9 chapters plus the epilogue are up), and I'm sitting here at 1:30am still taking it in. I haven't been so moved by a story in a very long time.

This is one of those stories that you simply must read - I give it the highest possible recommendation.

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I wanted to like this story, but once again, the author leans on the amateur trick of alternating points of view! That kills me, because there's a terrific idea for a story at the core of this thing.

If Grasshopper could rewrite the story in 3rd person, I'd be able to actually go through every chapter without wincing. But without that, I feel like the kid in The Exorcist getting holy water tossed on her: "it burns! Arrrrgh, it burns!"

Very disappointing. But in spite of that, I much prefer this Western tale's overall message to that of Brokeback Mountain.

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I just hope he's well. That accident must have really screwed him up badly, physically, and maybe, just maybe, psychologically. I used to get personal emails back when I wrote him, but nothing since the accident, despite me writing him. :icon11:

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