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Halloween Deviltry by Cole Parker

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Even though this is a Pick from the Past, there does not appear to be an existing thread for this story.


This seems like a suitable companion to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and I would say Bobby got a surprisingly good deal.  I would only caution him to be careful about any future daydreaming . . .


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2 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

My entry to the mix this year will be quite different from that one.

Hope Mike gets a lot of submissions.



Blimey, Cole, have you've got your plethora of monkeys hard at work already? 🐵

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I have to do a lot of editing when my monkees are ghosting for me, but I find their spelling is just a bit better than mine, so that' no not the problem.  What they do suffer with is pronouns.  But what can one expect?  They are monkees, after all.




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