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The Scrolls of Icaria

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While I usually don't wax effusively about a story, Scrolls is so delightful, artistic, and epic that it is hard not to. Chapter 30 is another example of Jamie's skill at weaving plot and imagery together in a very magical way.

When I finished this chapter, I stared at the last line for a moment or two still seeing Jamie's fingers begin to spark as he was tricked into answering the real question.

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Chapter 32 should be up sometime this weekend.

To wet your appetite, here's a little something for you.

?Let?s move back. I don?t think we should draw any attention to ourselves,? Jamie began to say, ?they might...?

But no sooner had Jamie started to give voice to his thought than a stern sounding voice from behind the group shouted out, ?Are you part of this school??

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I can't wait for the next part.

The best I have read, ever, hands down. Totally addictive.

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Hello everyone -

I feel that I owe all of you faithful readers of TSOI a bit of an apology. The holdup in the work has been exclusively my fault, as the fact is that Jamie has several chapters already written and waiting for my attention. :icon_geek:

I could tell you all about trying to get one house ready to sell and trying to buy another at the same time, about jobs gained and lost and people that i care about losing their minds - literally. It has been a hellish mess for the last 8 or 9 months, and the circumstances have left me very little time for editing. The fact is that the last many months have been a time of extreme transition for me, and I've just been trying to stay on top of the wave of change and not get buried by it.

However, I am beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. We're in the new house now - all seven of us and three dogs - and beginning to do the work that will make it a beautiful place to live. While I have not found a permanent job yet, I have a temp contract in place and the possibility of something longer term in the works, and I'm working hard on managing my friend's illness as best it can be managed. I think that there may be a little time left at the end of the days (at least some of 'em) for me to go and live in Jamie's world for a little while, and that will be a very good thing.

Again, I apologize for the lengthy delays.



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Aj--I am very glad to hear that things are on the mend, personally. Please take care, and good luck with everything. "Scrolls" will get there, I'm sure--I for one am willing to wait a very long time for a chapter or two...those winged boys are just so enthralling. Thank you for updating us, but thank you also for the immense amount of work you put into making "Scrolls" what it is. :-)

And thanks too to Jamie for writing it. :-P


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We often forget just how much work goes into writing our stories, editing them and even posting them.

Real life can get in the way of the best laid plans and we feel for you and your circumstances aj.

Take heart in the fact that your dedication to your friend and your work is never doubted by any of us and we applaud you for both.

Take care and we will be here waiting, when you have found the time to work on Jamie's fine story.


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I can agree, that life can be tough for us at times. There are times when I go home from work, I don't want to do much, let alone edit something for someone. With the 2010 budget for work, it meant cutting back on staff. My Department was reduced by 2 people, which included a Supervisor. As a result, my workload increased.

Team Update: Book 2, Interlude 6 - Iron should be posted soon, followed by Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Beta Team has started reviewing Book 2 to correct those things that slipped thru the process. At some point, those chapters may be replaced like we did for book 1.

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Dear TSOI readers,

I am engaging an experiment in creating TSOI audio files.

An audio file of The Scrolls of Icaria's CHAPTER 33 from Book 2 is currently available on the TSOI CHAPTER PAGE .

BE WARNED that if you listen to it without reading any other parts of TSOI you will be opening yourself up for some spoilers.

Please let me know what you think, and if it's something that you would like to see regarding past and/or future chapters.


Click HERE

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I'll bet that took time to voice. I tried listening to it, but it didn't feel right. Read it long enough with the voices in my head that it's set in its way. That's just me tho.

Thanks for the effort. It looks like the story is picking up speed. Gonna be a rough ride.

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Dear TSOI Readers,

I don't mind if not all (or even many) of you don't access the audio file. In fact after a quick listen many may chose to continue reading instead of listening to the work. That's really ok with me.

Some readers prefer the quiet act of reading. I think it's one of the best ways to stimulate the mind and the imagination. Like adding pictures of characters, the spoken word can violate the images readers have in their minds as to the look and sound of the characters. And that's a bit of a sacred thing between a writer and their readers.

I too enjoy the act of reading, but sometimes I will buy or download an audio book. This is so I can listen at the gym, on the Metro or when I'm driving. I do it out or convenience when reading isn't as practical. But most of my reading is just that... old fashioned reading sans audio.

The audio files are basically an experiment; a way to present the story in a different form. I have more then a few readers who are blind or sight impaired. They use programs to read the text. These programs are great, but the voices can be rather flat. So I'm hoping a file I create might have a little more life and emotion to it.

I am curious to peoples reactions. If it's something that's not really necessary that's also good to know. The first audio chapter I've posted - Chapter 33 - is almost an hour and fifteen minutes long. It took a long time to make. So I have to balance the time spent doing that against the time writing the story. If the audio interferes with the writing then I will concentrate on writing which is the number 1 priority.

So if anyone is curious to take a listen to the audio files. You are most welcome to do so, but if you as one of TSOI's readers prefers to bypass the audio and go directly to quiet reading mode... that's quite alright. I take no offense or exception. I'm just happy that you are following the work... in whatever form it appeals to you.

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I think the audio file is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have to confess that I've been using an audio reader program for almost a year now. I am an audio-oriented person and with all the stories and chapters I have to read every week to keep up with AwesomeDude, being able to listen to the stories is a great help. It is also a welcome relief to my tired and squinting eyes.

I use the TextAloud program using the plug-in AT&T voice set. They are probably the best but having the story ready by Jamie, TSOI's author, is so much better.

I would be delighted if he were to not only do each future chapter in audiio, but also find time to go back and do each chapter from Book One Chapter One. I, of course, would make all of them available on the AD site.

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Audio files are terrific for the visually challenged and for people who simply have the desire to listen rather than read for any number of reasons.

Creating an audio file of the quality of Jamie's reading does indeed take a lot of time. I am very impressed with Jamie's reading. Excellent work.

Personally I prefer reading, except where a dramatic production has been created from the work, but that takes even more effort, especially if actors are assigned to play certain roles. On top of that there are sound effects and music that might be included.

I think audio readings are a great idea for those who want or need them, but my preference is to read the story.

After many hours on the net, I have developed the ability to read a story on screen. Some people still prefer to print the story so they the have the tactile experience of holding the paper.

I do however have a pet dislike of pdf files and html files in which the script is spread across the screen from edge to edge.

It seems to me easier to read if there is a border either side of the words and they are limited to around 80 characters to a line, so as to mimic the tactile experience.

Images, photos and illustrations of course can all help an author, and I think so could selective audio within a story.

However, the literature comes first. The net offers a terrific platform for exploring and expanding the way our stories reach the audience.

SO like The Dude, I endorse the audio files, and hope they grow in number, but never replace the written word.

(I also encourage dramatic productions (audio plays, etc.) where possible).

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I am once again bowled over by the brilliance of this work. This latest chapter (and really the last three since the resumption of posting) is incredible. The emotional journey that the reader has been through over the past few years as we've followed Jamie's progress as a dancer and a leader seems to be reaching a climax and settling into a new pattern. The writing is top-notch, the phrasing and styling of the setting and characters is nearly pitch-perfect, and I look forward to what comes next.

So if you haven't yet, go read chapter 35. Go. Right. Now. :-P

Jamie--once again, brilliant work!

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