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The Cowboy and the Geezer...a poem by Codey


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The Cowboy and the Geezer

a poem by Codey

The old man sat in the shade

of his ramshackle old abode,

when, off in the distance, he spied a horse

coming down the dusty road.

On the horse, there sat a rider

with features dim eyes couldn?t see.

The old man watched and wondered

just who this stranger could be.

The cowboy rode tall in the saddle

with his horse at a gentle trot.

?Welcome stranger? the geezer said

as the cowboy rode up and stopped.

?If you have time to tarry,

you?re welcome to rest a spell.

Tie your horse up in the shade.

There?s cool water in my well.?

?I thank you for your kindness sir

but I dare not linger long.

There is a bullet in my chest

and soon I must be gone.?

?How came you to get that bullet, boy,

you carry in your chest?

were you beset by brigands?

Come sit awhile and rest.?

?I left home but six months ago

coming West to earn my fortune.

There?s gold in California hills

and I was bound to get my portion.

I found the treasure that I sought

but another wanted my gold.

He left me dying in the dark

and now I?ll never grow old.?

?I?ve come to choose a saddle mate,

someone to call my friend.

To show me sights I?ve never seen

and places I?ve never been.

To ride with me among the stars

chasing mavericks with fiery tails.

To sit with me around the fire

regaling me with his tales.?

?There?s not much good in being old.?

the geezer sadly said.

Then looking anew at the stranger, he asked

?Are you then truly dead?

Are you an old man?s vision,

merely seen in a fitful dream?

Or, perhaps, an ethereal messenger

fulfilling some unknown scheme??

?Tho? I am old and past my prime

I?ll gladly be your friend.

I?ll show you sights you?ve never seen

and take you places you?ve never been.

I?ll ride with you among the stars,

we?ll chase mavericks with fiery tails.

We?ll sit ?round celestial campfires,

I have a lifetime of tales to tell.?

The old man sat in the shade

of his ramshackle old abode.

Off in the distance were two horses

heading up the dusty road.

On each horse there sat a rider

with features living eyes couldn?t see.

It was the cowboy and the geezer.

Two souls now riding free.

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In an effort to please everyone.

For those who thought it was too long, I've added another Verse.

For those who thought it was too short, I've deleted a few words.

For those who thought it was just right, too bad. I decided to change it.



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Wake up, y'all. Comment, already. People 'round here, my goodness.

Am I the only one who hears echoes of "Ghost Riders in the Sky," Johnny Cash, "Streets of El Paso (Laredo?)," Jim Reeves, and perhaps a little of Grampa Jones with "This Old House?" (That may not be the title of that song.)

Or perhaps you'll find a little Nathaniel Hawthorne or Ichabod Crane in there somewhere.

I was reminded of old country songs, cowboy poetry, and... such-like. If I'm not careful, I'll start in with my dad's Virginia mountain drawl or a deep Texas twang. I'm a city-boy, but my country roots aren't far away.

Git along, little dogies, git along.

I think I may listen to that feller Vi-valdi. (That's a ref. to a movie line.)

I liked the old-timey feel, the supernatural thrill, and the narrative story aspects.

Keep on writing, Codey. I hope the rest of these folks will stop by, "set a spell," and comment now and then.

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Sometimes... we are left speechless. This is one of those times. The poem expresses so much... whether you picture yourself as the Geezer or the Cowboy.

Attaboy Codey, your poems always leave me in awe and cause me to think... and think... just wish I could express my thoughts as well as you do.


P.S. For Codey: If this is the final revision... I'll be adding it to your Author's Page.

P.S. For everybody else... check out Codey's page at http://codeyspen.awesomedude.com

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