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New Story and Dare to Dream two from Graeme


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New Story was really great. I admit I'm a romantic and you got the feeling of love just right.

I wasn't sure where you were going with Dare to Dream but when I got to the end it was the absolute perfect ending.

I loved both of these stories


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Thanks Codey!

Lucky you didn't see the earlier version of New Story then because I definitely didn't get that feeling of love right. However, I've got a great bunch of people who give me early feedback and they told me that I hadn't delivered the feelings that I wanted.

Graeme :)

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I enjoyed both of these.

Dare to Dream --

He's lucky he wasn't having a work-related dream. Those are almost as bad as waking up before the end of the more, ah, expressive sorts of dreams. Ahem. (Gathers dignity.)

Aha, but does his night out with Jared bear any resemblance to his dream? Good, thought-provoking, open-ended ending.

One observation: Given that he was dreaming, it's curious how his subconscious was describing himself. One wonders if that's how he sees himself, hyper-critically, or if that's how he thinks others see him, and how close it is to how he really is. (Was that sufficiently self-involved and convoluted? :grins: )

The story is growing on me more, after thinking it over a little while.

New Story --

Well! I thought for a minute there your writing had taken a whole new turn! :grins: I liked the love and the humor apparent here. I appreciate when a story has room for humor and all the other things that go into a relationship. The story-writing asides were nice too.

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Great job on New Story. It sounds just like the struggle a writer would have while trying to make balanced characters. And kudos for getting us up and letting us down in a most artistic manner. I?ve always been a fan of bait-and-switch writing. Now that you have me hooked on your writing style, I?m going to be scouring the web for more.

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