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Fathers and Sons by Jamie


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A very powerful short story and one that holds a large degree of truth. I won't say much more except "Well done, Jamie!"

I don't want to detract from Jamie's story, but I was reminded of a pair of short stories by a friend, also on the subject of Fathers and Sons, which I found just as moving:




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Ouch, I read it last night. Sobering, but a very powerful story. All too true, too often.

Reading it, I realized how lucky I was that I didn't grow up in a hateful house like that. I'm thankful for that. Whatever attitudes I got at home, they weren't that kind.

Thanks for a thoughtful read, Jamie.

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I just figured out what makes Fathers and Sons so powerful. It reads like one of the news stories I read on my daily newscasts... those about hate crimes.

I often feel almost as bad for the perpetrators as for the victims... often they are both victims.

Am I crazy?

Anyway, excellent story Jamie... it's right up there at the standard we expect from you!

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When you see someone who hates everyone else, you have to wonder if what he is really saying is that he hates himself and what he's lived through. (He or she applies there.) Are they victims too? Yes. But they chose to visit their hate on someone else.

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