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Dancing To The Music Of Their Hearts


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Well, I'm going to be the one to start this thread.

Based on one of the best stories I've read in a long time, Tim Comes Home, I jumped at Nick Turner's offer to join in the serialization of Dancing To The Music Of Their Hearts. He had just posted Chapter 1 on Nifty and AwesomeDude actually got first shot at Chapter 2.

I don't know what it is.. but the story has just grabbed me and is carrying me along.

My loving the sea and sailing... especially cruising... was only part of it. But it is the way Nick has with characters that hooked me on this story as it did in Tim.

Only downside, I have to wait same as everybody else as the story develops, chapter-by-chapter. Tim was complete when I got it and was able to sail along with as much time as I could steal from work or other pursuits.

I hope you are all communicating with Nick about his stories and since he has now joined the AwesomeDude Forums, you can do it right here.

Welcome to AwesomeDude, Nick!

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Dear Nick,

Bravo! You have again spin a totally engaging tale.

I've just finished reading the whole series and felt compell to write and congratulate you on the well wrtten story.

I like this better than Tim Comes Home simply cos it not as "dark" yet it contains all the elements that I like in the former.

This is not to say that this story is all light and fluffy. The themes of unrequited love, loyalty and guilt are all well covered.

Spoiler ....ahead.

I especially like your treatment of Justin and John dealing with their feeling for each other. It adds depth to the story.

Thanks again.


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I just got done reading this whole serial story, and I just have to tell you.. I am floored! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Hopefully you will be bringing out more stories about our friends we have come to love in this story. I am sure there is more to tell about their lives, and you've got to share, share, share! LOL

Thanks for getting me hooked and being a real person when it comes to gay fiction out there. It is nice to find someone out there in the tidalwave of not so good stories, who actually knows how to write and get us hooked! Not that taking an attempt at writing is bad, persay!



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