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Codey's Fables - Updated!


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Codey's wonderful fable, "All We Like Sheep," is now online. He has a few more fables planned. Personally, I hope he'll put them all together and seek a publisher.

I had fun doing the illustration too, and editing.

This makes me want to read more American Indian folklore and history, too. I hope each one of you will do so.

Enjoy reading his fable. It has more than one important point to make.

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you might share a bit of how you happened to write the story with our readers...


Well, mainly I used the computer but I did do a little by hand.

Seriously tho, I have a lot of time to just think and I don't waste time thinking about girls and, since I have a partner, I don't spend toooooo much time thinking about other guys. :D

I have an "adopted" little brother, who I write some things for as little gifts. You may have heard about him...he's Billy from The Adventures of Billy, a Kid. Last summer, I wrote a series of four fables for him as a 6th Bitrthday gift.

Due to a computer mis-hap, I lost a bunch of files and he'd lost his printouts. I have back-up discs of them but who knows wth I put them so I decided to redo them from memory.

This first one is the most complex. I tried to fit in ideas about diversiitiy, greed, ecology and the relationship between polititicians and their "sheep".

I was trying to make it a story with appeal for kids and with a message as well. I'll be doing the other three along with a fifth I've decided on over the next few weeks.


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Graeme, that's one of the nicest compliments any writer could ever get -- that you wanted to share the story with your kids, with someone else.

I know a couple of comments about the next two fables, and possibly a third. But that's all I know yet about who or what I'll be drawing.

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Codey's Fables - Updated!

  1. All We, Like Sheep - from earlier this year;
  2. The Nature of Bear - NEW!

These fables have more to say than you might think from a quick read-through. Each tale is independent, with a connecting story between the storyteller and his grandson, outside the fables themselves.

Rather than giving a summary or saying what I think they mean -- read them yourself and think on them a while. Oh, and I'm sure they don't mean exactly the same to me as they do to Codey.

Note: This thread was formerly titled, [ All We Like Sheep - by Codey ], but I updated it so it'd refer to all the fables, and so discussion could be central in this thread.

~ Blue

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