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Wayward People by JoJo

The Pecman

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I just stumbled over this one on Nifty tonight, and thought it had some potential.

The author has some odd habits -- most notably a tendency to have lots and lots of one-sentence paragraphs, and mixing 1st and 3rd person POV's, which makes me nuts -- but I thought it was nonetheless an entertaining tale that has some good moments.

Wayward People definitely has some heavy soap-opera overtones: the intellectual high school loner who's secretly gay, his upright religious family, an anti-gay town preacher (with secrets of his own), a mysterious exchange student from Canada with a messy past, the prom king/jock who makes our hero's life miserable, etc. But I thought with some editing and rewriting, there's the core of a good idea here. And by god, the thing is never boring (at least, not to me).

Check it out here:


and see if you agree.

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