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Ex-Gay by Gabe


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I read the version of Gabe's short story, "Ex-Gay," before the revision was posted. I'll read the revision too.

The story starts out with a bang. (Pun intended.)

Basically, you've set up the story so it mirrors or inverts how most people grow up in a "straight-friendly" community and then, when they find they aren't so straight, and act on it and it becomes known, they get ostracized. Then they have to find what their "new identity" is, and integrate that into their lives. Ultimately, maybe they come to realize they (and their previous community) were making too big a fuss over something that didn't warrant it, they simply are who and how they are.

I see you have the narrator indicate he grew up in a gay-friendly community, and all his friends seem to shun him, and he separates himself from them too, when he falls for Jessica.

Then right before the end, he's trying to figure out, or perhaps excuse, his choices. He complains it's too hard to let his sexual identity be changeable. Then he says that focusing on sexual identity is more than it's worth. He wants it all to be either/or, unchanging.

I notice the difference between the narrator's opinions and the writer's. I think I like the writer's opinions on the subject more than the narrator's.

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