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The Purge


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Guest rusticmonk86

Oops, the review. My comments are rendered after reading the prologue and first chapter.

The Purge:The modern world is crumbling. People are segregating themselves into ghettos and turfs; they are fighting amongst themselves in such a way it is obvious the only outcome will be destruction. The government has become totalitarion and routinely disappears dissentors, queers and non-christians. Our main charecter, who has long seen this coming, makes the decision to leave the modern world. Before he leaves, he recieves footage of police beating and shooting people in the many "work" camps that have sprung up to de-humanize and homogonize non-conformists. After releasing the footage to the media, he hikes deep into the country and makes his home in a cave.

But what happens next?

Stay tuned.

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