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Old man Blue

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Here's a special wish to a special person. Happy Birthday Ben!


I'll second that. Happy birthday Blue!


ps: Is 40 really over the hill?

That depends on which hill you're talking about.


:geek: :wink:

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:bigsmurf: Old Man Blue says --

Aww, thanks, guys! :wink: Lots of :hugs: to all of you.

Yup, which hill?

It's funny, 29 had me freaked out: "I'm gonna be 30! OMG!" Then I hit 30 and it was no big deal, I thought it was great.

Then 39 had me freaked out: "I'm gonna be 40! OMG!" Then today I hit 40 and...what on earth was I so freaked about? Once again, it's cool. I'm 40, woohoo!

Here I am at 40. Less than two years ago, I said I was gay. I didn't realize how much that would change my life, mostly for the better. It is still amazing.

I'd like to say a special Thank You to several people, too many to list, and I'm likely to forget someone important, because I'm a dufus. If I've emailed, IMed, or PMed you, then it's because you said something that made a difference. Thank you.

I have a birthday wish too. I wish that each of you would know that you can be more, no matter what "limits" you, and that each of you will pass it on: When someone else needs you, help them, and let them know they can be more.

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OMG! I was so busy saying good bye to my possessions as they were loaded into the container that I forgot completely that is was Blues birthday!



Better late than never, I ALWAYS say....


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