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Downtown Dallas #3, a TR poem

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Downtown Dallas #3

gray sky, like morning: sweaty, surreal

sun in mothballs, waiting for

a time to shine, to beat with heat

down on concrete and conquered faces

heaven?s heavy hammer

hear the rhythms of negro voices

sweet song of the south, arpeggios

in chocolate and warm honey

smooth as sugared velvet, dark as dreams

lulling to sleep like sheep

billboards woven cunning, spiderlike

they bewitch the eye and stain the brain

sticky webs, luscious color

decorate downtown with blank receipts

sign on the X today

riffs of spanish, like mariachis

scatter among the crush of bodies

soothing sounds of sundrenched lands

girls in smiles and bright patterned dresses

and boys with eyes like does

phallic towers: brick bones, glossy glass

rear up in silent menace

great blank gaze: sooty, smutty, serene

pointy digits, fingering the winds

they poke up at god?s eye


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