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Someday Out Of the Blue

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It's on the list, you'll just have to be patient :D I've only just gotten around to reading WBMS's ADIP, and that was on the list for months.

A friend of mine recommended this story to me, but I haven't found the time to check it out yet.

Graeme :)

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I think someone told me that this is your first story. Is that right?

Yes, that's correct. :)

I rather enjoyed it and sent you a note after the first few chapters. I think many of the readers here will like it.

BTW, "sounds like Mom" was a great ending for the latest chapter. It works on both a humourous and serious level at the same time. I can't wait for the next chapter.

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Little Buddah-

Didn't I tell you you had what it takes?



You did??? hehe


Chapter 7 will be posted in a couple days ... my fabulous editor (Kitty from GayAuthors) is finishing up the final edit. This will be the longest chapter so far ... :D

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You did??? hehe


When you first came around GA, I encouraged you to write.

I figured that if you could hack Chinese, English would be a snap.

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I've read the first three chapters so far. After seeing the recommendations here, and since it's "Out of the Blue," I thought I should give it a look.

Welcome to Middle-Country visitors too.

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Ch. 8 is now up ...


It will be up shortly on my GayAuthors Shared Member Hosting page as well:


This was my first attempt at writing a 'sex scene,' so hopefully it turned out ok ... :p

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Yup, LB....ya did it right. No play-by-play, just a little 'color' and a focus on the emotions of the participants. Nicely done. Which is pretty much what I'd say about the whole story, incidentally.



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