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Junior's First Sex

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Boudreaux and Marie dey watchin' de TV one night when Junior, he come runnin' in de house.

"Mama, Papa, de most wonderful ting jest happen," de boy say. "I jest have sex for de very first time."

Marie she scream and jump up. She glare at Boudreaux and say, "Boudreaux you spoke to dat boy."

Boudreaux he start to tell de boy, "Junior, you know you shouldn't spoke like dat in front of yo Mama." Soon as Marie gone, he say, "Hot damn, son. I so proud of you. I'm gonna bought dat four wheeler you been wanting. I'm a little low on cash right now, though. Can you wait till my paycheck on Friday?"

Junior, he say, "Oh dat's fine, Papa. Right now my butt's too sore to ride it anyhow."

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