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Hollow Bones, Better Fit for Flying

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[Hollow Bones, Better Fit for Flying]

He lets his guard down with his eyelids

Panting his passions into a pillowcase

Painting salt-streaked skylines with his eyes

Across what used to be a plain striped pattern

His dreams are confusing, contradictory

Hollow bones, better fit for flying

But unable to stand up to the slightest pressure,

And pressure is all he has right now.

Calmer hearts, better built for lasting

But unable to allow the smallest twitch,

And twitching is exactly what he wants tonight.

An empty head, better led to resting

But unable to use when conscious

And come sunrise, his consciousness insists on calling.

Hollow bones, better fit for flying

Are on his mind the next morning

When he steps outside and passes a man

Leaning against the side of his building

Pounding rusted rhythms against his palm

With a length of pipe and whistling

Whistling ?Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?

And today, he decides not to stop and wonder

Who he?s waiting for, or what he?ll do to them

And decides, instead, to walk away whistling

Carrying the stranger?s song on his breath

And spreading him across the city

To more people, more chances.

Maybe some of them will be on their way out

And carry a bit of that man?s spirit with them

And his own, as well, as he whistles faster,

So that maybe, just maybe,

A little piece of every one of them can escape

Loosed from a stranger?s lips and let levitate

This low-swinging chariot

Through crowded heads, better made for matching

Those heavy hearts, better built for understanding

Its hollow tones, better fit for falling

Yet rising up, better still, resounding.


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Really lovely, EC, esp the first stanza but also towards the end, too. Sad and beautiful. I so love your word usements.

"Laughter through tears--my favorite emotion!" ~ Dolly P. in Steel Magnolias

Many kisses...


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