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Michael Arram stories in IOMFATS

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A series of linked stories that should be read in the order as listed on the site. Note that the second, "Terry and the Preachers," ongoing here, is actually complete on Nifty, as part of "Toward the Decent Inn" in the college section. At present, it appears that the third "Henry" story, "Henry in Finkle Road" is still in the process of being written.

There's an ongoing "big" romance at the center of the first few stories, whose protagonists progress from college age through young adulthood, but whose lives continue to touch the evolving series of characters and their adventures.

There are a wealth of fascinating, vivid characters who range from the affectingly romantic and sympathetic to the hatefully despicable, and a few who are downright hilarious. The narratives involve such varied themes as academic life, power, wealth and politics, English and European history and religion, even ghosts and spirituality. Besides the relationships that are at the core of the stories, there's a goodly amount of action/adventure. Locales range from rural English villages and schools to Southern California, from eastern USA college campuses to fictional European monarchies. Though the characters face their share of tragedies and heartbreak along the way, there's also triumph and fulfilment. The mood isn't angst-ridden, but on the other hand, neither is it frivolous; quite thoughtful when it needs to be.

The large cast and varied storylines are handled skillfully, and you never lose your way. Scene-setting is evocative and descriptive when necessary; well-paced, nothing seems padded or extraneous. Sex, when presented, is integral to the narrative and characterizations, and not gratuitous.

In the end, it's an excellent mix of characters whose lives you're eager to follow, and plots you're eager to watch unfold. A real page-turner for me. Very professionally accomplished, in the best sense of the term.

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Guest desert dude

Thanks, Paul...

...for passing on the link. I have read other stories of Mr. Arram on Nifty and have had difficulty following the text on occasion: his postings generally have paragraphs running continously with no break. I just started "Henry in the Outfield" and will immediately use IOMFATS for the read.



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